Real Estate Software &
Marketing Service brings together all of your real estate software, CRM and supporting services in the one place. We work closely with real estate agents, property developers, land agents builders and more. No two clients are the same, so we take the time to listen to what you want and then we deliver a tailored solution that works.

  • SEO: get found on the web.
  • Facebook: Creating fan pages and convert likes into sales.
  • Marketing Strategies: Marketing strategies that really work.
  • Lead Nurturing: Convert more leads into sales automatically
  • Real Estate Software: We build marketing and sales systems to suit your business.

Our Real Estate Software Solution

Easy. Powerful. Mobile.

Imagine using a system that enables you to manage your entire sales team, grow your business and have complete transparency throughout the sales process, all using one powerful and fully integrated real estate CRM? A solution that is Easy, Powerful, Mobile.

  • Powerful Real Estate CRM: All of your contacts in the one place.
  • Generate more sales: Convert leads into sales quicker than ever before. Spend more time with qualified buyers.
  • Completely Mobile: Access your contacts from anywhere at any time. Interact at any time with your clients.

Marketing Collateral

Successful websites

We can take the headache away from you having to sit through design meeting after design meeting deciding on colours, brochures, images, copy and more .We understand exactly what you need. We can manage the entire creation and production of every piece of marketing material and communication you need, from brochures, all printed material, the development and management of all 3D material, DVDs, floor plans, copywriting, online media, website development and much more.

Interactive Land Subdivision Maps or High rise Buildings

Successful websites

Do you have a land subdivision for sale or a high rise building with many units and floor plans? By creating an interactive experience, clients and agents can see things like what is available for sale, what designs fit on which lots, which inclusions match which design and loads more. Use this as a selling tool for your agents where they can engage with clients in the buying experience. Functions can be customised where logins and passwords are required to access certain information for clients and agents too.

3D Animations

Bringing your project to life with 3D animation and save yourself time and money. Waiting for your display suite to be finished but need some presales quickly? By creating a 3D animation, buyers can experience what you have before it is built making the buying decision easier than ever before. This should be like a movie trailer, leave them wanting more.

3D Renderings


We take your plans or sketches and create images that leap off the screen. We excel in 3D rendering solutions. Our resources and ability to turn around projects quickly make this a cost effective solutions. Our designers and graphic artists combine creativity and technology to create 3D Renders that realistically glisten and shimmer.Here is an example of some of our 3D rendering work.

Floor Plans

Successful websites

Creating floor plans that clients can gain a sense of size and proportions with colour makes a massive difference to the end buyer. It takes out the guess work and gives buyers a sense of feel for the space. Here is an example of some of our coloured up floor plan work.

Responsive Websites

Successful websites

50% of websites are now viewed from a mobile device

What is a responsive website? In simple terms it means that your website can be viewed on any mobile device and that the screen and contents will resize to fit that device without losing any user experience. Does your website resize automatically for mobile devices? Did you know that almost 50% of all website traffic is from people using mobile devices and this is only going to increase?

  • Mobile compatible Make sure your website can be viewed from any device.
  • Function: make your site easy to navigate through. Clear, clean and conscise.
  • Conversions: Entice visitors with services and offers that they will want to receive to build trust and loyalty over time.

Lead Nurturing Software & Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your leads' timing and needs. By understanding these nuances and getting them right, you set your business up for success. Our Lead Nurturing software and marketing automation campaigns will enable you:

  • Conversion automation: Convert enquiries into leads automatically.
  • Built Trust: Stop selling and start educating your clients.
  • Analyse:Armed with the right information you can make informed decisions.


SEO Concept

How to Rank Your Website Better

Is your website optimised for web traffic? Do you know how Google’s’ Panda, Penguin & now Hummingbird changes affected your website ranking? If you answered NO, then chances are your website is not generating you the traffic that you want and your website is not ranking highly in search results.

  • Optimize your website: Make sure your website is free from errors and broken links before you even start your SEO efforts.
  • Keywords: Create content that will rank you higher in keyword searches, it must be relevant to your business and organic, not forced and just inserted into copy.
  • Engage: Make sure your content is interesting for your customer and give them a reason to stay on your website
  • Social Media: Build your brand socially. The more people that talk about your business the better off you will be in the long run.

Online Marketing Strategies


How to Optimise your online marketing

What we do is create marketing strategies that will increase your website traffic and engage you with your customers, creating reasons and call to action that customers will want to engage with you, enquire or come into your store, generating you more leads.

  • Strategies that work: We use tried and tested strategies.
  • Generate more leads: Deal with qualified buyers instead of time wasters.
  • Close more deals faster: With qualified clients, leads will convert into sales quicker than ever before.

Email Marketing


Utilise your most prized asset to the maximum.

In business, your most prized and valuable asset is the quality of your database, not the size. Billions of emails are sent and received every day just from businesses and that does not include personal emails.

  • Automated: Create custom emails to send to your cleints and prospects.
  • Segmentation: Build a responsive list which responds to your services and products and target them for specific campaigns.
  • Campaign builder: Build automated campaigns designed to convert enquiries into sales over time and increase your overall conversion
  • Tracking: Review which emails were sent, received, bounced and more with comprehensive tracking tools.

Social Media Marketing

Social media in tag cloud

What is Social Media?

Social media is used to describe how people interact in virtual communities interacting with each other sharing ideas and thoughts. Some of the most popular social media platforms you would know are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest to name a few. When it comes to your businesses social media, are you converting this media channel into sales? Want to know how to make money.

  • Build Fan pages: Give your customers a place where they can engage with you
  • Engage your customers: provide interesting, sometimes provoking content
  • Grow your brand awareness: educate your customers why your brand should be trusted