The Value of a Database

The key here is quality over quantity. A high quality well segmented database of customers is worth way more than a huge database of unqualified people.

People networking

The value is derived from factors such as how well targeted, segmented and active your database is. If you just collect emails, don’t regularly communicate and engage with your clients then the results of campaigns is likely to be poor. If your customers are kept interested in what you are doing, kept informed of changes or updates within your industry, they are more likely to be responsive to communication from you. makes it easy to build targeted database, engage with your customers and provide contact information based on lifecycle stage, and behaviour.

Email marketing can be an efficient way to maintain a dialogue with your prospects and customers as long as the messages and calls to action are relevant. We help you easily send the right message at the right time to the right people. With no HTML or technical expertise required.

Easy to Use Interface


Send triggered emails based on time, actions, or multiple pre-defined steps and ensure your emails will reach your audience with world-class deliverability. A/B test your messages using auto-generated random sample lists and track your success with lead performance reports. Nurture your leads and customers from the first email to closed deal and beyond. Learn how to change email content on the fly, and be more relevant, with Dynamic Content, Subscription management (including unsubscribe) and make your emails social, with Forward to a Friend feature