Our Real Estate Software Solution

Your real estate CRM search is over

In 2013 inProperty.com embarked on a mission to review popular CRM’s like Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM to find a solution to its clients CRM needs. We also compared marketing automation software like Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft and many more. The purpose was to find a solution that could do everything our clients wanted and more. The result was we combined the inProperty.com platform with SugarCRM. The result is the best real estate CRM you will ever use (we might be slightly biased).


Now we are able to offer all of the latest functionality and plugins that are available to SugarCRM and provide this to real estate professionals as a complete package. This now enables you to rapidly build and deploy powerful mobile solutions, social applications, and business processes to the entire organisation, in the cloud or on-premise. With SugarCRM and inProperty.com, you now get the flexibility, agility, and simplicity you need to make your CRM your own.



You can now rapidly configure the way information is presented in your CRM so it most effectively supports your business processes. Leverage powerful WYSIWYG interface to create custom fields, hide unused fields and customise Sugar Logic to create calculated, dependent, and dynamic fields.

The CRM Layout Editor provides you with the ability to tailor the look of each screen. Edit and rename tabs, change dropdown values, and hide unused modules to ensure Sugar reflects your requirements. There is no need for code-level customisations — instead use simple drag-and-drop editors and formula builders to design your powerful, dynamic solutions.

Go Mobile


Drive productivity across your field organisation. Make objects or customisations available on your mobile device with the click of a button through our powerful customisable framework. Bring social interaction and real-time data updates to your mobile sales force. Choose from mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Reduce adoption barriers and training costs with the CRM user-first interface that shares common elements across both desktop and mobile versions.

Multiple Languages

Straight out of the box, the CRM supports 26 languages with 80 more available in language packs, so your global teams can work in virtually any preferred language.

Extensions for your CRM


The Sugar Community has developed thousands of extensions, integrations, and custom applications for Sugar. Explore thousands of free and commercial extensions on Sugar Exchange and Sugar Forge. To build your own extensions, Sugar provides a library of no-cost standard APIs, available with all editions. Our APIs are easily extended if you need functionality that isn’t provided natively. And, since Sugar uses open web technologies and an open platform, there are literally millions of developers who can support you and help you build your dream solution.