Understanding Google Algorithms


By focusing your SEO efforts on creating engaging content and generating inbound links around search terms you will drive qualified traffic to your website. Panda was Google’s ranking update that focused on reducing the value of low quality content. Penguin was Google’s ranking update that penalised websites for having low quality links. Hummingbird is Google’s latest algorithm update which has affected more than 90% of worldwide searches and is perhaps the largest change to the algorithm since 2001.

Imagine this, you spend loads of time and money building your website thinking “if you build it, they will come” (Field of Dreams 1989). Then you wait and wait and then wait some more. “Where are all the people?” you say, “why are they not coming to my website?” So you then think let’s spend some money on Google ads and for sure the people will come. Weeks pass and yes you now get people coming to your website but are they the right people? Why are they not buying or leaving their names? Not only this, you are paying every time someone clicks on an ad link and they still don’t engage. Sound familiar? It can all be very disheartening and confusing. Who has the time to go through all of this and even more, the money wasted doing this?

SEO was previously all about targeting key words like “real estate”, “property” or “insurance”. These days it is far more than that, it is now about providing content that is relevant to your customers. “How to buy the best property at the cheapest price?”, “How to spot a bidder?” or “5 best tips for renovating your house”. These are all examples of headings for articles that you can publish, designed to engage your clients and will produce high quality content that will drive your SEO rankings and traffic up. Content published on reputable websites will help you build high quality links back to your site so your rankings will increase. The content published on your website that is then promoted through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter will also increase its exposure even further.

How We Can Help You With Your SEO

We can help you by implementing content marketing strategies that will help you boost your rankings and traffic in 2014. We take away the stress and the frustration so you can focus on what you do best.