When Every Buyer Counts

Close contracts quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Keep buyers, agents, brokers, developers and builders in the loop ensuring every user across your contract has what they need to expertly engage. From sales advices, Offer & Acceptance, finance applications, Build contract, PPA’s and more, inProperty.com’s best of breed CRM platform equips your business with the rapid contract insight and real-time collaboration necessary to convert contracts into sales every time.


360-Degree Contract Activity

Deliver real insight. With inProperty.com’s 360-degree view of contract activity history you get the most relevant, up to date customer insight across your business in a single view. Spend more time addressing the contract requests and less time searching for basic information and entering data updates.


Contract Collaboration

Deliver professional support by using the power of the collective group to connect all parties in the transaction together in real time across the platform. Get rapid answers, share documents and videos, and complete the transaction in real time. Everyone has the power to contribute to the discussion room and assist in a smooth and efficient transaction.

Contract Workflow Management

Deliver on time Contracts. Respond faster by making sure calls and emails go to the right people. With your contract workflow you can assign tasks and follow ups to those within the contract process for quick responses. Create custom triggers, emails and reminders so that tasks are always completed on time and everyone is aware of where the deal is at during any given time.


Track Deposits

Detailed deposit tracking. Keep detailed records of each cash deposit, bank guarantee or deposit bond. Holders, accounts, disbursements, expiry dates and more.

Management Settlements

Track expected completion dates and actual settlement dates. Get up to date title notifications from solicitors, ensure finance is completed, pre settlement inspections booked, defects notices completed and handover dates. Keep your buyer and seller informed every step of the way to ensure a smooth settlement process.


Document Library

Ensure your companies standard document templates are ready and available to use. These can be emailed or printed at a moment’s notice and configured to pull the relevant data straight from the contract saving you time and money. With a comprehensive document library, you can have everything from reservation forms, finance approval letters, Contracts of Sale, sales letters and checklists available for all members of your team.


Builder & Construction Module

Our build and construction module makes the management of the construction process seamless. Specifically built for builders and developers, you can manage your land sales and house construction from start to finish. Track the progress of every stage of the build job from slab to completion. Upload and manage invoices for clients. Engage buyers with buyer portals where they can view the progress of their house construction and much more.