When Every Lead Counts

Make the absolute most from your leads using our cutting edge, automated CRM software. Go beyond the traditional bulk email systems and understand the nuances of your leads’ timing and needs. Deliver individual, personalised content to your leads and gain insight from customer interactions across your business and social networks to drive more relevant and effective campaigns.


Lead and Customer Targeting

You can personalise your message by identifying key segments of your clients and leads using our reporting engine. This means you get the right message to the client at the right time, providing you with more qualified leads; the result is you spend more time with those people who are qualified and ready to buy.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Gain complete transparency into your marketing results across all media? Emails, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, flyers, trade shows, display suites, radio, social media and more. inProperty.com enables you to track and report on all of your media advertising so you can see which are your most effective.

Lead Tracking

Empower your business and gain insight into your leads and track them from inception to sale. Your sales team will gain complete insight into the sales patterns of your clients and you will be able to processes more timely, multi-touch follow up and monitor the activity of leads throughout the sales pipeline.


Closed Loop Intelligence

Close the loop. By being able to see into all facets of your marketing and sales campaigns, you will be able to close the loop on gaps within the business process, resulting in the highest lead conversions and sales. You will be able to monitor your marketing investment and ROI and gain insight into your sales and management to adapt and improve business process.