When Every Visitor Counts

Did you know that nearly 50% of all consumers said they use their mobile device to start search processes and 45% use mobile exclusively when searching online? And mobile usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage by 2014? By using a responsive web design will ensure that your website will resize for any mobile device meaning that customers will be able to clearly read all of your content and offers.


Web forms

All of our new websites are built in a responsive theme. All of our forms directly integrate into our real estate CRM, so now all of your web enquiries go directly into the CRM database. This means no more manual entry of enquiries and all contacts are in one central database ready for your lead nurturing campaigns.


Live Price Lists

Now every Agent or building rep has access to the most up to date information without having to contact the office to confirm if a property is available. From your mobile device or laptop you can place a property on hold or make a reservation. If a reservation is made, the property can be placed in suspense or taken off the market. All of the buyers contact details go directly into the CRM as well as solicitor and finance broker contact details. You have full control as to which properties you wish to display and which ones you want to assign to specific agents.


Agent Portals

For those dealing with multiple agencies or referral networks, Agent portals can be a good solution. Here agents can login and see the details about the properties for sale and any specifics about the contracts or plans and from here they can place properties on hold or make reservations. With Agent portals, there is no requirement for the Agent to be using the CRM. Agents can view all contracts and sales they are associated with and communicate via the chat room throughout the contract process.


Builder Portals

This is similar to the Agent Portal accept here builders can add their House designs and match these to land from land developers and agents. Builders use this for their building reps to access for up to date pricing and reservations. Where builders are linked to land developers or Agents, the builder can view the land contract process as well as communicate with buyers through the build process via the chat room.

Buyer Portals

These keep your buyers up to date and informed throughout the sale process. Buyers communicate via the chat room with the agent, builder, finance broker and developer to streamline the communication. Buyers can view the latest details about their property, photos, videos, documents throughout the build process.