When every Sale counts

Our all in one Real Estate CRM software combines the most powerful and advanced sales automation that empowers your sales people to sell. All your leads are captured automatically into your database, leaving you more time to focus on your sales pipeline and those customers which are qualified & ready to buy. This allows you to engage with your customers at the right time, helping you close more deals faster.


Pricing for Real Estate Software Solution

How to convert leads into sales, automatically!

  • Powerful CRM:All of your contacts added in the one place.
  • Lead Nurture:leads into sales automatically with our automated campaigns.
  • Close more deals:Spend more time with qualified buyers and close more deals quicker.
  • Allows your sales people to deal with only qualified leads.

Understanding Your Customers Buying Cycles

With a 360 degree insight into your clients buying patterns you will know what matters to your clients and when it matters. View a complete client activity history across all methods of communication. Learn what matters to your clients and when to engage with them using smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel and social media activity.


Collaboration in Real Time During the Sales Process

Referrals are your best source of leads. So why not leverage off your social networks and expand your referral prospecting? You can track your selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM. Manage all social interactions along with your other communications in your CRM.

Leverage Your Social Networks

Communicate with all of the people in the sale transaction, agents, buyers, sellers, finance brokers, builders & solicitors conveyances. Connect in real time allowing you to accelerate every stage of the contract process.



Access your CRM anywhere, anytime. Now you can communicate with your leads, clients and sales -- across any mobile device. With our fast and intuitive interface, you can move seamlessly between your mobile and desktop staying on top of every deal wherever you are.


Real Time Sales Tracking

View your sales in real time. From the time an enquiry is received through to the Contract being closed. With this real time view you will never let a deal fall through the cracks again. Track early indicators that may affect your sale and stay on top of the deal. View your sales forecasting and spend your time where it counts, keeping you on track and on target.

Automation and Workflows

Automate your leads and sales process. Automate your leads and web enquiries, who these leads go to and the process on how they should be followed up. Create workflows around your contract process and assign follow up tasks and activities to those people involved. Have complete transparency of your business and manage every process at each step of the way.


Email, Calendar, and File Management

Our Real estate CRM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, iCal, Yahoo Mail and IMAP based email servers. inProperty.com comes with a wide range of collaboration integrations right out of the box. You can easily integrate with Google apps (Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts) and Box.com.


Sales Analytics

Sell smarter not harder. Customise your reporting dashboard to see real-time information about your enquiries, contracts, build progress and rep performance. Our report dashboard can be personalised for every user, on every screen giving you the information you need to drive results.


Manage all of your commissions and payments. Track progress payments and reconciliations. Manage payments to other Agents and companies. Take this one step further and integrate this directly into MYOB or XERO.


Sales Distribution Channel Growth

If you are looking to build your sales network or grow a franchise network then you need a robust and scalable system that can be customised and manage the complex business needs. Standardise every aspect of the CRM so that every office and sales person has the same consistent process and documents to work from.